Everyone has a different idea about what a perfect sauna room looks like.

Do you want to create your own home spa with different forms of sauna bathing in one? Do you wish for warmth of the wood and charming multi color ambiance lighting? Maybe you prefer modern minimalism or would like to combine your personal sauna room with a shower in your bathroom because you like to be practical.

Our team helps your dreams to become a reality. When designing you relaxation space there really is no limits. We will consult you about custom made traditional, steam, infra or combination sauna room that is the result of our 25 years of experience. We can also help you choose a prefabricated sauna room by either one of two world renowned companies: Tylo and Carmenta, which we represent.

Planning & fabrication

You can trust us with the entire process from design to fitting the sauna for your home or for public use.

Just as the taste and your wishes differ, so does the space in which your sauna will be. Each sauna room we build is pre-assembled in our workshop to make sure all the details are refined to perfection.

Tailored to your needs

Sauna room that will be planned in cooperation with you will be build precisely to fit your space.

Fitting & refurbishment

We take care of the installation process and you are left with the experience.

Quality fitting must be as fast and clean as possible so that it doesn't disturb your life rhythm. With careful planning and testing we prepare for fitting before we come to your house. This way, our team can hand you over finished product as soon as possible.

If you already own a sauna room or a spa and think, that the time has come for renovation, we can advise you and take over the project. We want your sauna room or spa to serve you well for the next 20 years or more to come.

Service & maintenance

Our oldest product is 25 years old and it is still in use.

With your sauna room and all the extra accessories you will also receive user's guide and instructions for care. Only proper care will ensure flawless function. Careful care elongates life span of our product and makes sure that all the components work properly, no matter if this is personal or public use sauna room.

Hitri servis

We are available for service 24/7 in case something goes wrong.

Your sauna room can carry the seal of picturesque Cerknica lake in Slovenia, where we create our products. Contact us and let us introduce ourselves.