Finnish sauna room

The most traditional of them all, but still a favourite amongst users.

Upon first impression, a simple wooden sauna room is a keystone of home wellness as well as of public wellness centre. It is a space for relaxation and regeneration, a place where high temperatures will clean your body and your mind. Traditional sauna, also known as Finnish sauna is a part of everyday life in Scandinavian countries. At M savne, we make luxury fit for your needs a reality by bringing tradition into a modern world.

Humidity and temperature

Heat is created by two types of heaters: electrical or woodburning. We regulate humidity by pouring a mixture of water and essential oils over volcanic stones. Temperature in a finnish sauna room is high, between 75º and 90ºC (167–194F), and humidity levels are low, between 5 and 15%. You can make it even more extreme, temperatures can go over 100ºC (212ºF) with almost no humidity.


Traditional finnish sauna room can be made out of different types of wood – from Scandinavian conifer (hemlock) to Slovenian linden, or variety of tropical timber. At M Savne, we are not satisfied with conventional approaches. Your sauna room can be designed to be made out of the most up-to-date materials with additions of glass and aluminium, every time with at least a bit of wood for warm, homey atmosphere.

Sizes and combinations

Together, we can create exactly the kind of sauna room that you want: your personal little sauna room of 1,3m² (14ft²) or fashionably designed finnish-steam room, that would be the pride and centerpiece of your home. Our references prove that we are not afraid of big wellness centres in Slovenia and elsewhere.


What if finnish sauna room isn't exactly your style. And you don't really like high humidity levels of steam sauna room either.

You can have combination sauna room, one that would combine advantages of both finnish and steam sauna room. Heater with addition of water reservoir can provide more moderate humidity levels and temperature between 45–65ºC (113–149ºF), but the sauna experience is just as reviving.

Infra sauna room

Healing and regeneration for everyone.

Infra sauna room is a speciality among sauna rooms. IR heaters emit infrared radiant heat, that penetrates deep into the body. Infra sauna rooms are regularly used by athletes for regeneration after practice, and your doctor might recommend it for rheumatism treatment and other chronic pain and skin issues.

Humidity and temperature

Temperature in IR sauna room is lower, around 65ºC (149ºF), humidity levels are the same as in surrounding space. Infrared heaters produce IR waves of different lengths that heat up you deep tissue and sauna room.

Few references

Slovenian athletes relax in our sauna room regularly. M Savne equipped a nice amount of reference sport objects, Swedish and Russian embassies in Ljubljana also trusted our experiences.


Infra sauna room is a nice addition to finnish sauna. Do you want everyday relaxation in finnish sauna but also enjoy the power of IR heat after hard training session? M Savne is not afraid of any combinations – we desing and make sauna room that is perfect size for you and your space. Even more, we can add the possibility for steam room to make your regeneration complete and perfect.

Steam room

The benefits of steam rooms are known for centuries, but the humidity percentage is the only thing that modern steam rooms have in common with their predecessors.

Today's steam rooms with constant 100% humidity levels and an addition of essential oils provide perfect relaxation and regeneration after long day of work. High humidity is especially good for people who need to talk a lot due to their profession (teachers, professors, singers...) and for those who are not comfortable with dry heat of finnish sauna. Our smallest sauna room is 1,3m² (14ft²) and with the addition of built-in shower you won't have to argue that you don't have enough space for a sauna room.

Humidity and temperature

Steam generator steadily provides hot steam to the sauna room, which makes the humidity levels the highest of all types of sauna rooms. We can consult you on different essential oils combination with restorative, refreshing or relaxing aromatherapy.


You probably imagine steam room to be covered in ceramics. At M Savne, we respect tradition but at the same time, we love an innovative challenge combining ceramics with all kinds of materials – aluminium, plastic, glass, stone or rock salt walls.


Have you ever though of experiencing a sauna while listening to your favourite music, surrounded by different colours? Combining modern surround systems, discrete lightning and chromotherapy is a challenge we love. In cooperation with architects and other experts we always strive towards making the perfect sauna for your needs, if you plan it for your home or if you are looking for a reliable partner to make your innovative wellness centre a reality.


No wellness is perfect without small details that intensify the experience.

Did you know that modern sauna room is far from just a precisely made room out of wood or ceramics? Buckets, ladles, sand hours, essential oils, fragrance dispensers, towels and deckchairs. More than a quarter of a century of experiences taught us that everyone's perfect sauna room looks differently. It is our goal to make you perfect a reality.


At M Savne we also know that nowadays, many customers want the comfort of modern technology. Your traditional, steam or infra sauna can be a high tech product – touchscreen controls, precise electronic controls, sound systems with Bluetooth technology, multi-color ambiance lightning with fiber optic cables... and much more.


We are not exaggerating if we say that we can offer you a million different combinations: colors, materials, fragrances, light, sound and picture. We believe that decisions can be hard to make, this is why we would be pleased to talk to you and advise you on most appropriate, optimal and most rational solutions.

Hot tubs

For everyone who feels dry even in a steam rooms. An important part of wellness and wellbeing are, next to sauna rooms, hot tubs. We can offer you a variety of high quality hot tubs from renowned manufacturers and make sure that you can complete your home wellness or public facility to perfection. Gentle, warm water and strength of whirlpool jets provide an effective and fast regeneration in you busy lifestyle.

Having problems deciding which sauna room is most suitable for you? Contact us and we will be happy to talk about this with you.